Finding The RIGHT Coach + Mastermind to INCREASE your Bottom Line Shouldn't be a difficult decision and here's why...
If you are tired of dumping money on do-it-yourself courses and wasting hours of your time away from your family to build a duplicatable system on social media while building an attractive brand that creates residual income
keep reading… 

Listen, you don’t have to figure this stuff out on your own.

All you have to do is follow the formulas + blueprints that I have created and simply PLUG + PLAY.
🙅‍♀️No more feeling guilty because you are spending 5+ hours a day on your phone ignoring your kids and family trying to build your business on social media. 
We do this business for our family not to sacrifice our family. 

I want to invite you to become one of the select few to join our all new and improved  high level Mastermind

The Leader Lab 

LAB stands for

What TOP Leaders in the network marketing industry are saying about working with Marina Simone

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Did you know that people who invest in themselves are more likely to find success

In fact, those that DO invest in themselves will see a dramatic 
s h i f t in their business and their pocket. 

For example, let's look at Tony Robbins...

You would think...
"He's got it all figured out. He doesn't need a mentor or coach," and guess what? 

You would be thinking WRONG

I remember Tony sharing from stage at the UPW event I was at, that he always has a mentor/coach he hires every year. WOW! That was a lightbulb 💡moment for me.
In 2015, I took my first leap of hiring my very own business coach. 

I joined a mastermind in 2016 and ever since, I have always stayed with a mentor in my back pocket (Branding and Network Marketing) 

10k a Month

20k a Month

40K a Month

50k a Month

70k a month


The proof is in the pudding...
Hiring a coach and joining a high level mastermind is an investment in your business and yourself. 

I want to invite 💌 you to my EXCLUSIVE mastermind program, THE LEADER LAB. 

This high level 12 month mastermind is by application only! 
You must be approved to join.

 We are waiving the application fee 🎉 for the next 72 hours 
and we are only opening 10 spots

Your Investment

Silver Member

Option 1:

$2500 Down Now, 11 Monthly Payments of $2297

Option 2:

1 Single Investment of $22,774

Platinum Member


  • 10 One on One Sessions With Marina Simone
  • ​Funnel Buildout
  • ​Facebook Ads
  • ​Emails Written
  • ​Total Social Media Rebranding 

Option 1:

$5000 Down Now, 10 Monthly Payments of $3799

Option 2:

1 Single Investment of $37,997

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The Leader Lab Mastermind

What can you expect from the Leader Lab? 


Working personally with Marina you can expect a high level of accountability for your business. 📲

She will provide you with guidance to keep you on the right track to reach all of your specific goals and needs for your Network Marketing Business + Online Brand

Social Media Strategy

Branding is KEY with social media. You will learn how to build your personal brand through Facebook™, Pinterest™, and Instagram™. 

Marina’s 12 Steps to Social Media Success Blueprint will lay out how to drive “friends” to customers and/or distributors into your business.   

Implementing some of the 12 step strategies will be our MAIN FOCUS 🔍to get you out of your comfort zone, and most importantly, the strategies will help you drive your social media followers “offline” to enroll into your business.   

(It's important to know you do NOT need to be an influencer for these strategies to work for you!)


Learn how to leverage blogging for your personal brand to create additional income 💰from affiliate programs as well as building your Network Marketing Team. This tool is under utilized in Network Marketing.   

This is my #1 strategy for collecting organic leads and connecting to a NEW warm market every single week. 


  • Must be coachable 
  • ​Have a burning desire for change
  • ​Power of commitment  
  • ​Inspired and ready to impact others
  • ​Ready to do the activity and do the work
  • ​Implement daily strategies

"I've grown my following to over 100k on social media...I've also been able to build out multiple six-figures not only with my branding but I am one rank away from the top rank in my company..." 

-Kimberly Olson.

What's included:

Social Media Launch System (Value $5997.00) 

  • Learn how to leverage the ATM system inside Facebook™ groups (Marina's Facebook group Strategies) 
  • ​How to implement a 3 step Launch System that duplicates (Marina's personal team plan) 
  • ​Learn how to generate leads in all social media platforms while building your personal brand 
  • How to run team incentives that your team will run for 

(All the trainings above come from the exact strategies Marina used and uses to build an organization of 20k in less than 2 years.) 

Access to the EXCLUSIVE Facebook™ Group 
(Value $3995)

  • Learn from other leaders who are having success (mastermind and network)
  • ​Unlimited Q and A inside the group
  • ​Weekly Trainings

Access to The Leader Lab Voxer Chat (Value $3995)

  • Ask Unlimited Q and A inside the chat
  • ​Share ideas/bounce off each other
  • ​Mastermind with six and seven-figure earners

Weekly Lab Huddles
(Value $1,997)

  • 1 Hour zoom huddle to ask Marina anything and share wins
  • ​Plan of action/NEW strategies for the month

Hack Instagram™ with Hashtag + Own The Algorithm on Instagram™ (Value $497)

  • Hashtag review and shares with Marina
  • ​Learn which hashtags to use to properly gain new leads and more exposure on Instagram™

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Item Price
$5,000 Down Now, then 11 Monthly Payments of $1350 per month
$2,500 Down Now, then 11 Monthly Payments of $1797 per month
One Time Payment $17997.00 (Savings of $4270)
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Dynamically Updated $XX.00

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"After working with Marina through her Heels Up Academy & Masterminds I decided to embark on 1-1 coaching as it was time to take my business to the next level. 

In the last 3 months of working 1 on 1 with Marina it has seen my business grow 10 fold but not just ranks and income but also through the systems I’ve learned and duplication I have been able to achieve with my tribe! 

I love Marina’s no BS approach to coaching, this is why she is able to get the results not only herself but with her clients. Hands down this is the best investment I’ve ever made" 

-Carlee Webber

Gain access to 
🌟extra bonuses 🌟

Available for ONLY for 
72 hours

Bonus 1: 
30 Minute Private Welcome Call with Marina Simone (Value: $1,997)

  • Review your goals and strategize together with a 30 minute welcome call
  • ​Have questions on your social media strategy? I'll help answer those for you.
  • Trying to create your ideal target audience for social media? I can help with that too! 
  • Stuck on scripts for the invite to your Network Marketing Business? I've got some of my TOP proven scripts for the invite AND objections
  • ​You pick! We talk about it mama!

Bonus 2: 
Elite Academy 
(Value: $12,997)

  • Heeler’s Day – Weekly trainings with Marina Simone LIVE in our Facebook Group to build an EMPIRE that leaves a lasting impression to anyone that comes to your page
  • ​Pumped Up Monday- Every 1st Monday of the Month there is a ‘Launch Your Month Webinar Training’ 
  • ​Weekly Social Media Engagement Post Examples - Every single Monday at 8 AM ET an engagement post is uploaded inside the Elite Academy Facebook™ group for your to use across all social media platforms
  • Weekly Story Engagement Prompts - Every Thursday at 12 PM ET a Story Prompt is sent for you to use on your Instagram™ of Facebook™ stories to help increase engagement on your stories and get NEW leads added to your list
  • Facebook™ Live Engagement Booster– Every 15th of the month there is an post created to help your Facebook™ Live get more views, engagement and even go VIRAL!
  • ​Instagram™ Post Engagement Boost - Every 20th of the month there is an post created to help your Instagram™ Post get more likes, comments and boost it on the IG™ algorithm.
  • Exchanging Heels Guest Expert Trainings - Once a month exclusive training from another expert on a Social Media Platform
  • Over 2 Years of Trainings Recorded on social Media Trainings..
  • ​​And so much more...!

Bonus 3: 
InstaBoost Launch Workshop
(Value: $997)

  • Learn my exact daily action steps to take everyday to connect with your tribe on Instagram.
  • ​Save Time And Track Your Daily Posts with My SOS Instagram™ Tracker
  • ​PRE-RECORDED MASTERMIND RECORDINGS Juicy wisdom from my private Masterminds. Get a never-before-seen inside peek 👀 into how I make the magic happen!  
  • Learn how to boost the look of your profile to stand out amongst the crowded IG™ world
  • ACCESS TO MY 5 Instagram™ APPS I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT  Learn to use Instagram™ INTENTIONALLY. I’m making sure you look like an influencer on your way to BECOMING one.
  • ​And so much more...!

Bonus 4: 
30 Day Recruiting Workshop Course 
(Value: $997)

  • Daily action steps to recruit without being so pushy: Learn the EXACT daily action steps on what to say to your leads, how to compliment, connect, and follow up. You are going to master the skills of how to recruit 👯all month long in your Network Marketing Business! 
  • ​Create A Positive Recruiting Mindset: Learn how to excite and invite without the negative Nancy thoughts that hold you back from recruiting like a rockstar 🤩!
  • ​​Create Personal Momentum: Learn how to LEVERAGE Facebook + Stories to ENGAGE your audience DAILY
  • ​​Steal my DAILY METHOD OF OPERATION: I pull back the curtains and give you my exact recruiting plan that helped me recruit 15 new humans in 1 week!
  • ​How to tell good stories 📚 your prospects can relate to: In this workshop you are going to learn how creating and leveraging stories will help your prospects make a SOLID decision and have them asking questions 🙋 that lead them into enrolling. 
  • ​And so much more!..

Bonus 5: 
333 Trello Training 
(Value $97)

  • Learn the strategy on how to stay organized with your leads so you NEVER lose another dollar
  • ​How to use Trello the right way without the confusion of a new system 
  • ​Create a Tracking System for the FAMOUS 333 to organically funnel leads to your list

Bonus 6: 
The Marketers Guide to TikTok™ 
(Value $97)

  • Why TikTok™ Matters for Your Brand + Online Business
  • ​​How to set up a profile that STANDS OUT on TikTok™
  • ​​How to repurpose your TikTok™ content to your Instagram™ + Facebook™
  • ​​PLUS! How to Find Your Tribe leveraging Hashtags that lead to more sales for your product or service.

Bonus 7: 
The Pinterest™ Accelerator
(Value: $97)

  • Step-by-step attraction marketing method on Pinterest™ - Learn the attraction marketing method to grow your following + make more sales leveraging a presence on Pinterest™
  • ​​​Rapidly grow your following and ultimately make more sales from Pinterest™ - How to leverage the features on Pinterest™ + Tailwind™ to grow your following
  • ​​Marina's EXACT strategy that grew over 350k new views every month on Pinterest™
  • The Pinterest™ Accelerator Tracking Guide - Get unstuck from the pinning hole on Pinterest™ with this simple DMO (daily method of operation)
  • The Ultimate Pinterest™ image guide - How to create crisp + clear images with the PDF Guide
  • ​BONUS Training -  How to make your Pinterest™ account look aesthetically pleasing AND organized

Bonus 8: 
#1 Instagram Ad strategy
(Value: $997)

  • Learn the step-by-step methods to create your own Instagram™ ads
  • ​What type of audiences to target for your Brand
  • ​Copy write strategies for more conversions on your ads
  • How to create Instagram™ Audience through the Facebook™ ad manager. Instagram™ Ad break down

Bonus 9: 
Recordings of last year Leader Lab trainings + Huddles + Hot Seats
(Value: $9,997)

  • Finding your personal brand PDF
  • ​Finding Your Target Audience PDF
  • ​Webinar Formula Training
  • ​Webinar Review: How to create a webinar for your team
  • ​Email Marketing Training + PDF Guide
  • ​How to Recruit Influencers on Instagram™
  • ​Full Tutorial: How to Create IGTV + 60 Second Video with Captions
  • ​Story Sequence Training (Instagram™)
  • Tap Rooting Training
  • ​Sneak Peek Events Training + Scripts to Invite to Sneak Peek
  • ​Power Call Structure/Script
  • ​How to Create a Blog post + edit on Wordpress (Full Tutorial Guide Behind the scenes editing Marina's' Blog)
  • ​How to Monetize with your business page from your Facebook™ Groups + Retargeting with Ads.

Bonus 10: 
Social Media Design Kit 
We Design FOR YOU with #WorkWife Marisa
(Value: $1,997)

  • ​​Branding Color Palette
  • ​Freshly Designed New Logo 
  • ​​​Cover Photo for Facebook™, YouTube™, LinkedIN™, and Twitter™
  • ​​​Email Header Image

If you struggle to generate leads daily...

If your marketing has not 10x’d since the pandemic...

And you’re still confused on how to work your branding into your NWM business...

You are the perfect candidate for the 
Leader Lab Mastermind. 

Leader Lab clients have learned how to market themselves as a brand while strategically building an onboarding duplicatable system for their teams without spending hours on social media a day. 

"Within 40 days Marina changed our absolute world. So now all of our systems are online. We know where to find a lead, we know what to say, from a prospect to then a customer...Not only am I winning, my whole team is winning! 

Not only that Marina taught me not to be stuck in a box with my company...She's taught me how to go brand forward. She's developed my mission statement AND I have my first coaching client!..."

-Cath Watters

What the Leader Lab clients love the most is 
24/7 chat access to Marina 

  • Are you in a conversation with a client and need help closing them? Marina is there to guide you on EXACTLY what to send to them to help close your prospects
  • ​Need help with a post on social media and stuck on the verbiage? Marina can help you create the perfect post for you to share on social media
  • Struggling with your funnel and it's not converting at the percentage you want it to?  Marina will help you PIVOT and create a new strategy to update your funnels for more conversions

Let's not forget...
While you are a part of the Leader Lab Mastermind you get access to any:

  • NEW Workshop
  • ​NEW Courses
  • ​NEW Challenges


Your Trainer:

Marina Simone

CEO and Founder of:

Marina is a wife, mom to a beautiful 9 year old little girl Anaiyah an now 1 year old Madelyn.

Marina is the Founder and CEO of Moms And Heels™ where her mission is to teach busy moms how to slay online sales by identifying their personal brand, story, + mission on social media. 

She Joined network marketing in 2012 as a broke single mom looking to get her car back from being repossessed while she was at work.  

She missed her daughter take her first steps from being stuck in a cubicle, and that was a moment for her that drove her to want more. It was a moment that truly made her feel like the worst mom ever. What else would she miss in her daughter's life?

Later that month an old friend from high school told her she could make money with a supplement and she was in! 

However, instead of finding success, for 2 years in her first Network Marketing company she never made 1 dollar. It almost broke her. But she didn't give up. 

In her second company she Built an organization of 25,000+ customers and distributors in less than two years using online strategies with Social Media. She was in the top 12 income earners in that company.  

Now being brand forward and showing other marketers how to do the same it is her mission to take more mamas from the #cubicle2throne.  

Without any social influence Marina built a seven-figure income on social media. And YOU CAN TOO! 

Who is this for?

  • Network ​Marketers in ANY industry that ​have a burning desire for change and are open + coachable to implement strategies for their business
  • ​​For any online business coach who wants to grow their presence on social media and ​ready to do the activity and do the work
  • ​The busy mompreneur who is unsure on exactly where to even begin with building their online business but ready to make an impact and inspire others at the same time
  • ​Influencers that are committed to expanding their social media content strategies + create funnels to gain MORE leads while building an income from their phones 
Are you ready to say yes to the leader lab mastermind?
The decision is now.
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