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Do you want to stop all the B.S and get some friggin clients from your posts and stories already?

Attn: This is for Network Marketers, Online Marketers, Influencers, Coaches...
Finally! How to Post for Profits on social media without being an influencer... Yes YOU can win too!

A REAL STRATEGY FOR THE BUSY HUMAN so you DON'T have to get stuck planning your content out for a whole month and spend 40 hours a week on social media ignoring your family.


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  • ​Avoid being glued to social media 24/7 and create a CLEAR DMO for posting on social


the Question is: HOW?
How does social media turn into sales without taking hours each day, taking you away from your family, and getting you sucked into the scroll hole of trying to be like everyone else?
You're probably wondering if TikTok™ is for you and will it even be around with the BANNING talk... Facts you must know 800 MILLION USERS SPENDING, ON AVERAGE, 52 MINUTES A DAY IN THE APP.

This = Opportunity
These strategies inside the Modules are LETHAL, QUICK + WORK SUPER FAST

You might not have access to TikTok™ forever so you need to take action today to take advantage of the gold mine while it's here....
Don't stress! I'm going to show you how you don't have to dance like a teeny bopper and still make sales from TikTok™
Dear Network Marketer, Online Marketers, Influencers, Coaches...
If you want to learn how to create posts on social media that generates leads instantly that turn into sales, save hours a day on creating content, or even if you just want to create MORE engagement + conversation with the ideal customer that wants to buy from you, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year! 
Here's why...
Because today in the world of social media and with the unfortunate circumstances of this year NOW MORE THAN EVER people are searching for what YOU have to offer. 

But...if you don't know HOW to post on social media to create curiosity + attract leads, you are missing out on this ONE TIME opportunity to capture the HUGE wave of people looking 👀 for your product! 
I captured 1500 leads from TikTok™ in one week.
Aly got 900 new leads in 30 days that converted into $11,000 in personal sales that same month

Fast acting bonuses you will get INSTANTLY
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You Get Completely FREE

Bonus #1 
Slay Your Stories Sales Templates
  • My exact sales script templates
  • ​Clear plug and play call to actions to sell any product from Instagram™ and Facebook™ stories
  • ​Slay Your Stories Sales Templates for Instagram™ + Facebook™
  • ​Step by step Product Giveaway Campaign Worksheet to increase leads, engagement, and shares on your social media posts 
Valued Over $297
Bonus #2 
5 TikTok™ and Instagram™ Reels 
Plug & Play Ideas
I will show you EXACTLY what I did to capture 1500 leads and make over $9k in personal sales in 30 days from TikTok™. 

Want my secret that costs others thousands of dollars to build?...you get it for FREE!

Valued over $297
Bonus #3 
  • Instant access to the VIP invite only Facebook™ group 
  • ​Step-by-step worksheets to help SLAY your Posts on social with giveaways and raffles.
  • ​Q&A Replay sessions inside the VIP Facebook™ group
  • ​Trello Board checklist
  • BONUS: ​Access to the Heeler Hub (back office) loaded with all of the training + Q&A replays FOR LIFE
Valued over $497
Let’s break down the modules
Module 1
Profit Content Calendar
It's time for you to have a real strategy when it comes to your content.

  • What am I going to post today?
  • ​What do I post tomorrow?
  • ​What do I even post to sell my product or to sell my coaching program or to sell my business?
  • ​How do I get more people to engage with me?
In this module you will gain access to:
  • How to find your target audience 
  • ​Content Creation Circle for Posting on Social
  • ​Profit Content Calendar
  • ​Trello Board to copy and schedule out your content 
Valued at $297
Module 2
Profit Prompts
If you’re not posting on BOTH Instagram™ and Facebook™ stories…
You're actually leaving money on the table!
It's time you start SLAYING your Stories Daily Method of Operation and Story Formula to create conversations with New Followers, Old Followers, Re-engage old customers, and  Increase Retention!
In this module you will gain access to:
  • Profit Prompts for IG™ and FB™ stories
  • ​Marina's exact product story prompt for you to module and create your own
  • ​Tutorial: How to link your Instagram™ to your Facebook™ Story
Valued at $297
Module 3
Profit Post Formula
Do you struggle with creating eye catching captions on social media? 

Are you wishing for more engagement on your post?
Yes! There is a formula to creating a caption for your post on social and it starts with the your opening line and ends with your CTA! 

My curiosity post strategy is proven to drive clicks, drive DMs + drive more sales for you.
In this module you will gain access to:
  • Profit Post Formula
  • ​Call To Action Examples
  • ​Marina's famous 333 Method Script
Valued at $297
Module 4
It’s time to TIKTOK, no I won’t make you dance LOL but I am going to show you some really cool things I have been doing to collect leads without having to bust a move.

Learn how to drive MORE attention and get views without having a million followers with my one secret tool
In this module you will gain access to:
  • ProfitTok Formula
  • ​Why TikTok Training
  • ​Profit Tok Templates
  • ​How to leverage a texting service for your business
  • ​Marina's exact ProfitTok example for selling a product
Valued at $297
Module 5
Profit Video Title Template
Learn how to talk to people who watch your live video PLUS I'm giving you my live video script that will get you MORE leads, MORE humans inside your Facebook™ group...OH and let's not forget... MORE sales.🤑
In this module you will gain access to:
  • Profit Video Title Template
  • ​Live Video Script
  • ​SOS Facebook™ Live Title Cheat Sheet
Valued at $297

That's valued well over $497... 

You'd actually be crazy not to  grab this special ;)
Here's how and why we can make you this promise...
My name is Marina Simone and I am an expert in Posting for Profits on Social Media. 
I've created a seven-figure brand + Network Marketing Business all from social media. No meetings and no sacrificing my family. I have been a top earner in the industry since 2014 and have coached hundreds to the top of theirs. 

It's simple.

I create systems that duplicated for any online marketer looking to create an automated game plan +  posting strategy that creates profit on any social media platform without being glued to your phone and computer. 

These 5 days are going to give you ALL MY DONE 4 YOU scripts, templates, and content strategy for Instagram™, Facebook™, and yes even TikTok™. 
You need to act on Posting For Profits offer because every minute you wait is another minute someone else is posting for profit + growing their business from social media. PLUS stealing your potential clients attention away from YOU!
Most marketers fail when it comes to posting for profits because they focus on the # of likes or comments and not this ONE SPECIAL HACK. 
45% of the population in the world are using social media. That is 3.5 billion people. And the average time spent on social media is 3 hours a day.  
To Posting For Profits On Social Media

Total Value: $497

One Time Special Offer:


Posting for Profits on Social Media
What You Will Get:
You'll discover exactly how to get more customers from social media buying from you through your stories + posts + videos. 
You'll understand exactly WHY these 5 posting for profits strategies are ALL that is needed in order to create sales on ANY social media platform.
You will skip past googling all the HOW TO's and avoid obstacles that stop MOST from making sales from posts on social
You'll know exactly how to create conversation without wondering what to say to a follower or someone who has engaged with your post

Sneak Peek Inside the 
Posting for Profits on Social Media

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Total Value: $497

One Time Special Offer:


Get INSTANT ACCESS to the Fast Acting Bonuses TODAY
Results from those who used the 
Posting for Profits on Social Media: 
Yasss boo, we're talking about...
  • Having a funnel full of social media leads without friend requesting random people on social media. 
  • ​When you post on social media you will feel confident about the clear message of who you are, what you sell, and target those that WANT to buy from you. 
  • ​When you sell YOU in your posting strategy you will be seen as a mentor of authority to your leads. 
  • ​See yourself as a an influencer or expert on the specific topic or industry
And right now, you can grab it for a One Time Special Offer of $47.
Who is this for?
Okay...I know you're wondering right now is Posting For Profits REALLY for me? 

This Posting for Profits on Social Media is for: 
  • Network ​Marketers in ANY industry that want to learn how to create posts on Facebook™ + Instagram™ that generate sales instantly + consistently
  • ​​Bloggers who want to get my done for you profit content calendar that maps out EXACTLY what your social media posting strategy should be to attract quality "me too" leads that WILL buy from you
  • ​For any online Business Coach who wants my done for you profit prompts for Instagram™ and Facebook™ stories that create consistent sales weekly from your story stalkers
  • The busy Mompreneur who wants to learn how to Slay on Stories to make more sales in just 15 minutes a day with my Profit Prompt Sales Templates
  • ​For any Online Influencer who wants to learn my ProfitTok secrets for generating sales from TikTok™ with just one 15 second video that creates leads + sales on autopilot
It's time
to activate
your PROFIT$!

Total Value: $497

One Time Special Offer:


AND Get INSTANT ACCESS to the Fast Acting Bonuses TODAY
My EXACT results from my Posting for Profits on Social Media:
No more buying hundreds of dollars worth of social media trainings

It's time to drive profits to your bank account
More wins from those who used the 
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